A futuristic looking battle rifle, this weapon makes up for it's small magazine size with high stopping power and decent accuracy. It may have been based off the FN-SCAR or a prototype rifle, the Barrett REC7


Damage: 32

Automatic: 59

Accuracy: 58

Ammo: 25/125 (Splendour variant: 30/120)

Real Life InfoEdit

As stated above, the real identity of the gun is still unknown, however, from information on the game's website, the PSD XR seems to use the 6.8 mm SPC cartridge.


The PSD XR has a new variant added in the Police Navidad update. This varient was named the PSD Splendour and has a silver and gold colour scheme. It also possesses a 30 round magazine and deals 20% more damage than the original PSD XR.