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  • Hi, my name is Beefy and I am an active person on the Combat Arms wikia. I recently came into district 187 and am looking forward to spending hours on this game. I was wondering, that since your the founder of the wiki, you could promote my status to Administrator, or to the very least, moderator. This way I can prevent vandalism across the wikia once it becomes popular. I will bring tons fof traffic to the wikia if I can achieve a place in the staff.

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    • Beefy- wrote:

      Wow... I like how it took me a year after the closing of the game, which was coincidentally the same day you posted this to me, to realize that there was a wiki like this. How embarassing.

      Well, if I do come across a game that has at least decent gunplay and has yet to have a wiki, you'll be a good chioce.

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